Notes on Waikiki: Discovering Catalonia’s hidden beach paradise

Just north of Catalonia’s Roman City Tarragona, lies Cala Fonda, a secluded, naturist paradise, fondly referred to as Waikiki, after the beach in Hawaii. This stunning cove is sheltered by cliffs covered by aromatic wood.

It is an adventure to reach this tropical escape. Head north along Playa Larga and wander though the Bosc de la Marquesa pine forests, along the dramatic limestone cliffs and you will reach the hidden cove’s crystal clear, calm waters and fine golden sand.

Approaching Waikiki Beach

Alternatively you can reach Waikiki from La Mora and head south through the forest before wandering along the neighbouring nudist beach La Roca Plana.

Waikiki’s crystal clear, calm waters

What to pack: There are no shops, restaurants, facilities or shade on these beaches so you’ll need to pack water, a picnic and an umbrella.


Although there are no services, you can still camp on Waikiki Beach. Make sure you bring everything you’ll need for your stay.

Alternatively Torre de la Mora campsite is a short walk from the beach, located by the sea and in the forest.

Walking through the Bosc de la Marquesa pine forests to Waikiki Beach

Getting there:

There are a few different options for getting to Waikiki. Both will involve walking for at least 30 minutes at the end due its secluded location away from the roads.


You can either take an hour train ride from Barcelona Sants Estacio to Tarragona and follow the signed footpath that starts at Platja Llarga beach.

Alternatively you can take the same train from Barcelona Sants Estacio and hop off one stop before Tarragona at Altafulla. From there take a taxi or the number 12 bus to the neighbouring town La Mora and walk through the forest, following the signed footpath.


Travelling to Waikiki Beach by car is the most convenient way to get there. From Barcelona, drive an hour to La Mora in Tamarit, Tarragona. This is the closest you can park the car to the beach. From there This is the closest place you can park your car. From there walk through the forest, following the signed footpath.

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