6 Delicacies to Eat in Barcelona | Hg2 INSIDER

Published in A Hedonist’s Guide Magazine

Nestled between the Collserola mountain range and the Mediterranean, Barcelona’s cuisine is diverse and enjoys excellent seafood, fish, meat, poultry and vegetables. These staples are traditionally eaten with a sauce, such as romesco, which is made from olive oil, garlic, almonds, tomatoes and vinegar. Most of the sauces are a combination of nuts, vegetables, olive oil and garlic. It’s also typical in Barcelona to mix meat and seafood, which is locally referred to as mar i muntanya, meaning ‘sea and mountain’: a fitting reference to the city’s location.

Bolet mushrooms

Photo: Procsilas Moscas

The Catalans are mad about mushrooms. So much so that every autumn, people migrate to Berga, the Spanish mushroom capital for the Festa del Bolet mushroom festival. Bolet mushrooms in particular are a Catalan delicacy and can be bought at the Boqueria market on Las Ramblas. Bolet mushrooms are traditionally fried in garlic and parsley and served with meat, such as cured pork.


Photo: Paul Lowry

Pork is very prevalent in Catalonia, as the region is one of Spain’s main swine-raising areas. Longaniza, a finely textured, long, thin, paprika spiced and cured sausage is a Catalan delicacy. This pork treat can be enjoyed as tapas on pam tomaquet: fresh tomato squashed on bread with olive oil and garlic. Quality longanizas are available at Barcelona’s Mercat Santa Catarina, an indoor market in the Born district.

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